Rubbers Private Limited, has been in the manufacturing field since 1990 when he was a director of the organisation in Shahjahanpur, Rajasthan. After 10 long years, he decided to shift to Meerut due to a decline in marketing potential in Rajasthan coupled with an increase in the same in Meerut. From 2000 up till 2010, the company was in proprietorship and then in 2011, it was converted to a private limited companyAvish Rubbers Private Limited (ARPL) is a manufacturing unit specialising in the manufacture of cycle-rickshaw tyres & tubes and automotive tubes. We offer a wide array of sizes in each of the three aforementioned product types at reasonable prices. At ARPL, our business has always been focused on maintaining a very high standard of quality in the products we manufacture so that we maintain a good reputation amongst the wholesale distributors, our primary target market sector, as well as amongst the consumers, whose satisfaction and safety is of utmost importance to us.


Here at Avish Rubbers Private Limited, in the next couple of years, we are aiming towards being one of the top manufacturers of our current product line.We are also aiming towards venturing into the automotive tyres product manufacturing line, starting with slow and small vehicles such as scooters, auto and electronic rickshaws, and then slowly expanding into tyres for motorcycles, cars, trucks and other fast and heavy vehicles. It is also our objective to be the go-to brand for dealers and customers when it comes specifically to our product line. In order to stay true to our vision and objectives, we will continue to maintain the best possible quality in all our product lines by adhering to the industry standards and practices.



It is the guideline and intention of Avish Rubbers Private Limited to manufacture cycle-rickshaw tyres & tubes and automotive tubes of excellent quality so that they are suitable for their projected use with regards to performance, functionality, structural durability, and adherence to worldwide accepted industry standards and practices. This organization pledges to meet the aforementioned targets in an approach which provides uniformity of products’ qualities, and requisite obtainability, while at the same time sustaining the required effectiveness of actions and profitability essential to preserve product enhancement and customer satisfaction. Additionally,it is acknowledged that the fulfillment of the aforementioned goals is the duty of all organizational divisions, based on their respective functions.


Here at Avish Rubbers Private Limited, we have always strived to reach out of our way to assist people in any manner possible. This includes helping people who are part of the organization as well as people from outside the scope of the company. Our works in this area have included providing financial and other forms aid to a host of people for a variety of reasons expensesEducational expensesMedical expenses and more.For the future, we aim to continue to assist people in the same manner and also aim to further contribute to society by establishing tie ups with certain social and charitable organizations.